Buckles & Bows 6th & 7th Anniversary Dance
April 18, 2009 & Feb. 24, 2010
International Guest caller: Tony Oxendine

Buckles & Bows Square Dance Club
Club Callers:
Arnold & Marie Gladson
CP 1st United Methodist Church
600 W. Park St.; Cedar Park, TX

Dance Time:
6:30 - 8:30 pm Mainstream/Plus Squaredancing

Our Club Dances are ALWAYS Casual Attire--
Come For the FUN of it!

Dance Schedule
Buckles & Bows




Buckles & Bows 2nd Anniversary Dance
April 16, 2005
Guest Caller: Lottie Ainsworth
Photographs of 2nd Anniversary dance

Buckles & Bows 3rd Anniversary Dance
April 22, 2006
International Guest Caller: Tony Oxendine
Photographs of 3rd Anniversary dance

Buckles & Bows 4th Anniversary Dance
April 21, 2007
Guest Caller: Lottie Ainsworth
Photographs of 4th Anniversary dance
Square Dance animated Teaching link
Live Dancer Teaching link
Buckles & Bows 1st Anniversary Dance
April 17, 2004
Guest Caller: Lottie Ainsworth

Photographs of 1st Anniversary dance
Buckles & Bows 5th Anniversary Dance
March 29, 2008
International Guest Caller: Jerry Story
Photographs of 5th Anniversary dance